Ricardo and MTZ announce programme for 2009 heavy duty on- and off-highway engines conference

Ricardo and MTZ announce programme for 2009 heavy duty on- and off-highway engines conference
18 August 2009

Following highly successful events in each of the past three years Ricardo – in association with publishers Vieweg and Teubner Verlag  – has announced the programme for the 2009 presentation of its prestigious German heavy duty engines conference.

The complex and critical challenges of heavy duty engine design in achieving acceptable balance between increasingly stringent environmental regulation and customer requirements, is an issue of highly topical debate. Even stricter limits will be imposed on noxious emissions in the coming years and pressure is increasing to reduce the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and reduce CO2 emissions. Responding to these challenges the on- and off-highway engine industry is working apace to produce new, more efficient and less polluting drive systems.  The classical key technologies in the area of engine technology are fuel injection, charging, combustion and exhaust gas recirculation. Exhaust after-treatment with particle filters and NOx reduction also continue to have an impact on the on-highway sector. Modern development processes are needed in order that industry can deliver an ever growing number of product variants of greater complexity, while doing so in shorter lead time and ever higher quality levels. 

The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, between the different areas of application ranging from commercial vehicles for on and off-highway use, to marine and stationary systems.  The event will be held in German and is aimed at experts and managerial staff from the engine and automobile industries who are working in the field of commercial and off-highway vehicles, as well as marine and stationary engine applications, and members of academia interested in heavy duty engine technology.  Further information may be found on the ATZLive web site: www.atzlive.de.



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